Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Last dance at Piney

Due to scheduling issues, yesterday was my final ice dance lesson until home ice comes back on line the 8th of July.  Don't get me wrong, I like Piney Orchard but home ice is home ice.

Coach A. and I have been chugging along with the Fiesta Tango.  The dreaded Mohawk is slowly getting better but just when I though that it was semi-under control, we tried it pardnered.  Yow! Are our feet/blades ever so close together during that little maneuver! Kinda freaks me out.  I can tell--we'll be swapping more boot polish before this gets better.

The rest of the dance is heading in the right direction.  I'm still wide stepping during the cross in front/tuck behind steps but at least I'm beginning to be aware of that.  The back progressive/cross in front steps are also a bit wild at times--but not every time.  So, progress.

On the equipment front, my skate tech has placed an order for Jackson's new Legacy 7 blades for me.  I'm currently skating on blades with an 8 foot rocker and decided to see if a 7 foot rocker would make turns a bit easier.  In theory it should. In practice--we shall see.  I was hoping he could get me the Matrix version of the Legacy 7, which features a stainless steel blade mounted in an aluminum chassis but it seems that Jackson isn't making that particular blade in my size.  So no stainless steel for me.  The advantages of stainless over chromed steel are that the blades hold their sharpness longer and don't rust as easily.

Like with everything else in skating I expect a learning curve as I transition from 8 foot rocker blades to the 7 footer.  Hopefully these blades won't be an expensive mistake.  The new season with new blades should be interesting!


    Jackson Ultima Legacy 7 Blade UB70 Figure Skating Blades