Thursday, July 19, 2018

New blades, new season, same old skater

My new blades, Ultima Legacy 7 (the 7 indicates a 7 foot rocker as opposed to my old blades which have an 8 foot rocker) arrived and so I hiked down to my skate tech to have them mounted on my current boots.

My boots upside down on the cobbler's stands.  Good bye old blades.

New blades going on.
 My tech skate, M, kept the relative blade position and the shims that we had worked with several times before getting things dialed in with the old blades in the same positions.  He told me to go out on the ice and see how they felt.  He brought a drill-driver down to the penalty box, ready to make changes as required. 

I wondered if I'd be able to stand up let alone skate.  I cautiously stepped onto the ice and stroked around the perimeter.  At least the new blades didn't feel completely weird.  I was relieved to learn that this little experiment was maybe not a $200 plus dollar mistake.  Of course the new blades are a bit different--but not radically so.  I told M that no immediate changes were required.  I bought an ice pass and stayed for the next public to continue getting acquainted.

 So for the big question:  do the blades with a 7 foot rocker make it any easier to cleanly execute my RFI Mohawk?  Quick answer--no, at least not with that initial foray.  However, turns and back skating did seem quieter.  I think the extra bit of rocker tended to force me further back on the blade and thus away from the toe picks.  I'll have my first lesson of the new season tonight with coach A and perhaps that will be a bit more enlightening.