Thursday, February 16, 2012

Katz Straps--The Cat's Meow?

As both my readers know, I'm in the process of breaking in new boots.  My instructor cautioned me against initially skating in them for more than 45 minutes or so and then gradually increasing the wear-time.  Easy for him to say--he's not been skating in rental skates!  But after ignoring his advise during the first outing (and getting away with just a teensy bit of lace bite on one foot) I've been (a). good and have been limiting my time in the boots to his prescribed 45 minutes to an hour and (b). looking for a quick fit that will allow me to amp up the break in process.  After a bit of internet trolling I washed up on the shores of Babette's "The ice doesn't care" blogspot and there, buried deep in an old post , I discovered Katz Straps.  These are elastic bands which permit one to skip lacing the top hooks of the boots without the boot getting too floppy.  This in turn permits the skater to engage in deep ankle bends (hopefully) without lace bite.  It sounded good in theory and for ten bucks I decided to give it a go.  I just ordered a pair (yes, black is available) and will report once I've had a chance to try them. 

In the meantime go visit Babette's blog (listed in the "Blogs I follow" gadget).  She has a most entertaining writing style and her site is crammed to the gunnels with timely advise and observations for us oldsters on ice.  I give her blogspot my highest (and most coveted) 5 Cris-crossed skate blade recommendation.

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