Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Welcome to Clearwater Ice Arena in sunny Clearwater, Florida

No doubt some viewers of this blog have watched the youtube clips of basic figure skating elements posted by expert village. Some of those clips were taken at Clearwater Ice Arena.  Your diarist went to Gulfport, Fl last weekend to race Classic Moth Boats and since the ice arena was only a few minutes from our hotel, the skates came along for the ride.

This was the primary reason for the trip.  My sail number is 69.
 I looked at the ice arena's on-line schedule and saw that I could easily fit in a 30 minute free style session at 6:00 am Saturday morning and still have plenty of time for breakfast prior to registration and the 10:00 am skipper's meeting at Gulfport Yacht Club.

We stayed at a hotel near Clearwater airport.  The ice arena is located just a few streets away on Icot Blvd.

Palm trees and smooth ice; what's not to like?  I was able to make up for the ice time I'd missed being on the road, taking the boat south.  My gamma test is this coming Thursday.  This is a very nice rink staffed by friendly folks--I highly recommend it if you're in the vicinity. 

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