Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Better late than never.

Five months late but a pass is a pass.  My right wrist tells me I earned this one the hard way.
Yep I passed my Gamma test tonight rather than waiting 'til the last lesson on Thursday.  I figured I waited for the final Thursday the last time around (look what that got me) and I was fairly confident that I could pull it off so I asked Christine if she'd test me a session ahead of schedule.  She agreed (she's probably tired of watching my crappy left FO3).  Fortunately for me I was able to pull off a good one (well, good enough) when it counted.  The other elements behaved as well and voila, I'm a newly minted Gamma level skater. 

With the test out of the way we spent the remaining twenty minutes working on Delta level stuff:  forward inside 3s, forward inside and outside edges, forward lunge and the dreaded bunny hop.  The bunny hop isn't a big deal and with a little work I can tidy up the required edges so that they begin and end on a line as required.  The challenges for me at this level will be the lunge (65 year old knees don't like to bend that much) and the inside 3 turns.  As per usual, I can do the FI3 to the right but the lefty is going to take a bit of time to refine.  There's one more lesson in this series and then a short September session of four lessons on Thursdays will be offered before the first series of the new year's lessons kick off in October.  It would be nice to knock out Delta by the end of September.  Can I do it?  Stay tuned.


  1. good job george!! im so proud of you. johanna said you were even showing off your moves in the office! looong time coming!! but better late than never!!

  2. Thanks Emily! It's on to Delta now.


  3. Happy Dance of Joy!!!

    Now onwards!!!

  4. Thanks! Once I get Delta under my belt I'll almost be back to where I was 35+ years ago. I've asked Christine if there's a possibility of ice dance classes at our rink and she said she'd sent out an e-mail to see if there's enough interest. I think my skating is good enough to tackle the preliminary dances.