Friday, March 8, 2013

Stretches to improve spirals

I've got a test coming up in two weeks and my spiral, among other things, needs help, so continuing with the last post on the virtues of stretching here is a youtube video which zeros in on exercises particular to the spiral (holy-moly, is she ever flexible):

My goal is to past Free-Style 1 before they melt the ice at the end of May so if I  manage to pass at the end of this flight of group lessons (two weeks) that's icing on the proverbial figure skating cake.  In addition to cleaning up my forward spiral I've got to make my two foot spin and half flip jump passable.  I was on the ice this afternoon and made progress with both of those after receiving some great tips from a woman who skates in my power stroke class.  My spiral is almost horizontal.  I've just-got-to-(pant)-strengthen-those back adductor-muscles-(ugh)-a-little-(oof)-more... Either that or get lighter boots and blades (haha, you can laugh now).

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