Saturday, May 11, 2013

Piney Orchard: another rink goes off-line

Piney Orchard Ice Arena, Odenton, Maryland; the new "not" home of displaced Bowie skaters.

  We've been skating here since the end of last month but last night was the last public session before Piney also shuts down to redo their sheet.  They reopen the Tuesday after Memorial Day, but my schedule doesn't jive with theirs until the first week of June.  This is particularly annoying since my funky LFO3 is finally just starting to click in a reliable way, and in turn, I'm getting a little better at executing the half-flip jump which depends on that turn.  We'll see if my progress has stuck or evaporated by the time I get to skate again.  Piney generally doesn't shut down, but last year's hurricane knocked the electricity off long enough for the ice to melt.  When the juice came back on and the ice refroze on it's own all the hockey lines, logos, face off circles etc. were blurry and faded.  There's been enough complaining that rink management decided to shut the place down and repaint the sheet and bring up new ice.  This should  be a major improvement for Piney, which in my opinion needs a bit of a spruce up.  Now if we could just get them to leave more of the lights on during publics...

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