Monday, October 21, 2013

And so it begins.

Last Saturday I had my first private ice dance lesson.  I'm starting off at the bottom of the ISI dance ladder, learning (at least attempting to learn) the mandatory patterns for chasses, progressives, and forward swing rolls.  It seems that my life has been taken over by little maps and diagrams:

For the Chasse Sequence, after the entry steps, one holds a LFO edge for a count of two, lifts the left foot on the count of three (while on a RFI edge) and then finishes on a LFO edge to the count of four.  The pattern repeats on a RFO edge as one moves down the long axis of the rink.  At least I think that's what's going on.

The Progressive Sequence is similar but with a cross over (actually, a more refined "cross under") replacing the Progressive's lift at the three count.

For me, the Swing Rolls, each held for a count of six was the easiest.  I probably looked like an idiot going down the long axis silently mouthing one, two, three, four, five, six over and over...

So far I've been spared the typically dreadful music that accompanies low level patterns but I assume that will end soon.  In the meantime let's listen to something soothing.  If you ever get a miserable song stuck in your head, just hum the tune "the girl from Ipanema" and your misery will be over.

WARNING: under no circumstance should you ever sing the actual words from that song.  If you do then "the girl from Ipanema" will replace the first stuck song, and for that predicament there is no known antidote.

I'll not have a lesson this coming Saturday as the rink is given over to a Halloween party (free admission if you wear a costume or bring can goods for charity; I plan on doing both).  So, I get a week's reprieve before coming to grips with the  Dutch Waltz.  More then.  Ta.



  1. After a while you stop hearing the melody and just listen for the count so you can stay on time with the music. and if dance music get stuck in your head just give this a listen...especially the chorus :)

  2. Oh yes, "what does the fox say". This made the Face Book rounds a couple weeks ago via Norskie friends. Norwegians talk, you hear things, word gets around. Catchy beat but could I Dutch Waltz to it? I'd need to work one of those tempo apps--overtime... !

  3. That is so funny George! The only reason I thought of it was that a month later I've still got the chorus stuck in my head :) Before that it was Gagnam Style for about six months. I've noticed that 3/4 time tunes aren't as bad for getting stuck in your head. It might be a bit fast for a Dutch Waltz but my coach and I inadvertently discovered "Delilah" by Tom Jones works well for Ravensburger. Your best defense however is to just get that Dutch Waltz over and done with before the tune starts to stick in your brain.