Sunday, November 24, 2013

No good deed goes unpunished dept.

I skated the Friday afternoon public.  It was lightly populated and I actually got in some useful Canasta Tango practice.  S. a free-style skater whom I know from power stroke class, was also on-ice, working hard.  She's a strong adult free-style 4 skater who's been working like forever to escape to FS-5.  The only thing holding her back is that she doesn't quite have her axle.  She tends to two foot the landings.  Anyway, we were both doing our respective thing when out of the corner of my eye I saw her go for it and actually land cleanly.  Wonderful to see after months of unrewarded work.  I skated over to give her a thumbs-up but in doing so I was very inattentive to my skating and managed to trip over my own "toe peeks".  In the process, I managed to deliver myself at her feet in a spectacularly inelegant, full on belly flop.  I have a very small sense of shame so it was not a big deal.  I looked up from my prone position on the ice and said "this is absolutely the last time I'm ever giving you a thumbs-up, so enjoy it!"

Now one point I'd like to make from this little admission of clumsiness is that when I skate my personal value literally increases several hundred dollars just in d3o ballistic padding alone; knee pads, butt pads, hip pads, tail bone, wrist guards, you name it--I'm surprised I haven't been "jacked" in the rink parking lot just for the value of my protective gear.

Honey, let me tell you--all that stuff earned its keep on Friday.  My fall must have looked just as stupendous as S's axle landing, judging from the reaction of a very concerned ice monitor, but I quickly staggered to my haunches and felt pretty good all things considered.  And unlike other incidents which I've blogged about this one didn't define the rest of the session (or following months).  I quickly got back to productive skating and finished the session none the worse for the wear.

So, if you've been on the fence about protective gear, this post is your heads-up.  Get some good gear--this is one area not to scrimp--and wear it--at least during practice sessions.  The lumps and bumps to your otherwise slim, trim, sleek and racy lines are way better than the lumps and bumps you'll be sporting courtesy of orthopedic appliances if you bust something.  Like other life-style choices, this is one that can help you avoid or at least reduce the effects of an otherwise nasty outcome.

Here endeth the lesson. 


  1. I have the same D3O stuff (via Se_Ku). I've also test crashed it several times, along with the Ice Halo, and the plexiglass. I am a klutz.

    Always enjoy your blog!

  2. Accordion3: Glad you like my blog! How do you like the Ice Halo? I've been thinking about head gear now that I'm doing back swing rolls and will soon be tackling back 3-turns. What do you mean "and the plexiglass"--is that a separate product from Ice Halo?


  3. Accordion3: I just visited your blog and I think I understand the reference to "plexiglass" ;-) I've never done that (yet) but years ago while practicing forward swing rolls I came too close to the boards and clipped the rubber bumper at the base of the boards with my free leg toe pick. The contact of my blade with the bumper immediately pulled me face first into the boards. I saw many of the constellations one hears astronomers go on about...

  4. staggering to your haunches...I am giggling, but glad you made it out of there okay!

    1. That's two of us! Some days I'm about as graceful as an old cow on ice...

  5. You are in good company....even the best get taken down by their toe picks!

  6. Always comforting to know! Loved the youtube video--thanks for sharing!