Thursday, January 16, 2014

The half-Lutz and the Ballet jump.

Tonight's group lesson had me working on some of the items required of ISI's FS-2 level which I'd been avoiding, namely the half-Lutz and Ballet jumps.  The half-Lutz is entered via right back cross-overs.  After a couple of those one rides a (hopefully) strong LBO edge and reverses arm positions so that the skating arm is forward.  One then picks with the right toe (while being careful not to drop to the inside edge on the left skate and thus "flutz") and jumps one-half rotation to the left.  Easy enough on youtube, another thing altogether on ice.

The Ballet jump initiates from a right inside 3-turn, picks with the left toe while springing up, again one lands facing forward after a half rotation.

These are relatively simple jumps if you are ten.  A bit more daunting if you're in your mid-60s.  These will give me plenty to chew on during tomorrow's practice session.


  1. I always hated the half jumps. But the ballet jump can be really pretty if done well.

  2. I don't love 'em or hate 'em yet. To me they're just two more tools I need to put in my tool kit as I stagger up the skill ladder.

  3. Dang! More power you, with the new neural pathways and all!

  4. Thanks Amy. These two jumps are very much works in progress. The little grey cells have a bit more path building to do. The Lutz in particular is a very counter intuitive jump for an old, slightly dyslexic skater!