Sunday, March 16, 2014

Scratch Spin

Went to the Sunday afternoon public today.  The public was unflinchingly out enforce.  I got in one or two Canasta Tango patterns before the place went totally nutz.  After that I decided to migrate to the center circle, push a few wannabie ice tourists the hell out and work on my scratch spin.  No, no, I'm not that intimidating--just a teddy bear, but don'cha know I actually managed to hook a couple of those spins.

After working on this particular element for weeks, without success, today the penny finally dropped.  I think the thing that did it was me stepping back into almost to the beginning of the circle one creates, starting with the RBI edge.  I know, I know-experienced spinners are saying "well duh".  Granted, I can't cross my free leg in front of the skating leg, but damn it, I can occasionally hook the spin!  For maybe 2, sometimes 3 revs.  WooHoo! The crossed leg will come later.

The best part is that E., one of the rink coaches, sadly neither of mine, was out in the center circle when I hooked one of the better ones and she said "I saw that!"

Now, my rule of thumb is this: if a coach sees something, then it really happened.  Time will tell if I can repeat this next Thursday when coach M. is watching...

Towards the end of the session, a tall, lanky kid in rental skates with zero skating skills cut across my path while I was winding up for a spin.  I'd been watching him all session.  He and his pals had been skating waaaaay beyond his particular skill level and he was, frankly, one scary fall away from a busted leg.  Bottom line: I was standing after contact and he left the ice shortly thereafter (yes, under his own steam).  Just doin' my part to keep the ice safe.

Did I mention that last Thursday (the 13th) was my two year "armaverary" wherein I broke my right arm?  I tell ya, this figure skate crowd is rough--even rougher than the church choir singers and ex-English majors diaristwoman hangs with.

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