Sunday, April 27, 2014

A chance to help.

Kseniya and Oleg

This weekend coach K, plus my dancing partner, as well most of the competitive skaters from our rink are down at Yorktown, Virginia for the ISI District 4 competition.  This means that your old diarist didn't have a dance lesson yesterday.  So I hugged the pillow and surfed the internet instead.  Among the various sites I visited, I saw that Kseniya Ponomaryova and Oleg Altukhov are attempting to raise funds for the upcoming competition season.  I enjoy watching their youtube videos and have posted their excellent Canasta Tango video here and their explanation of the scoring for 2014 ice dance season here.

They have many, many other instructive videos, all freely available on youtube.  Long story short, I decided since I wasn't spending money on a dance lesson I'd donate that small amount towards their expenses.  I figure it's kinda like supporting a local npr station.  If you benefit, then you should.  Lots of other groups and causes ask for my money but few give me anything tangible in return.

Details here:

Postscript:  Bowie's ISI senior synchro team took gold at Yorktown this morning.  Whoot! Whoot!  Haven't heard yet how the three kid-couple ice dance teams made out.

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