Saturday, September 13, 2014

Giving me the stick.

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This past Thursday Coach M. gave us the stick.  OK, OK, she brought in several broomsticks to use during class to help improve our posture.  No cheap jokes will be repeated on my part about how she rode in on one.  I'm above that sort of immature humor. (Ta-Ta Boom!)

So anyway, here's the deal:  you take a broom stick and first off, you grab it in both hands and skate with it in front of your body while doing progressives, etc.  After doing that for a while you then graduate to placing the stick behind your shoulders and lacing your arms around it.  The stick hits your backbone and reminds you to straighten up and fly right.  No bonus points are awarded if you toe-pick and do a face plant.  What will next week bring?  I can't wait!

She must think my skating is salvageable-- she's pumping a hell of a lot of energy into me.


  1. Wait til she has you doing 3 turns with the stick!

  2. Ooh! I've gotta try that! Stick in front or behind? I'm guessing 3s with the stick behind is for masochists, gymnasts or performing sea-lions only!

    1. In front. Resting on the inner bend of your elbows as you hold your arms in the proper 3 turn position.

  3. I'll give that a try. Best part of a broom stick might be the ability to beat off pesky hockey boyz. Almost as good as a cane.

  4. And I thought it was hard trying to do a sit spin with a glove between your knees. My hat is off to you with the broom stick.

  5. Behind the back is a little spooky since you can't quickly untangle your arms from the stick in some instances. Holding the stick in front (hands as far apart as you can comfortably manage) is a good posture inducing drill for forward stroking, swing rolls and progressives. I haven't tried Babbette's 3 turn drill (yet).