Friday, December 5, 2014


Although I passed Ice Dance level 1 way back when (been so long I'd have to re-read my own blog to remember exactly when) and passed level 2 at the end of September, it took forever for the rink to order the badges.  I finally got 'em this afternoon at the start of a public session.  Better late than never!
Beyond that I can report that after putting slightly over 20 hours on my new boots and blades my single foot spin finally reported for duty this afternoon.  It was drunk and disorderly but at least it showed up.  My new boots are a half size smaller and the new blades are a quarter inch longer than the old equipage so the location of the spin rocker is in a slightly different place alone the blade.  I still haven't jumped in the new boots since the blades are still on the temporary screws; I haven't quite decided whether or not I'm happy with the blade position but I guess I'm growing accustomed to the place (sorry, couldn't resist).


  1. Congrats! And I hope you are over the hump with your new boots!

  2. Thanks Mary. The new boots are just to the point where I can stop sticking foam pads in the few remaining pressure points. I'm still on temporary screws (I had Mike C. move one blade--still trying to decide if it optimal or not), but I'm taking a liking the new boots/blades! The only skills which are still missing in action are the three step behinds for the Rhythm Blues. That's kind of annoying as I had those fairly well under control before the switch from my old boots. However lots of other elements like left forwards outside 3s and cut backs in either direction are becoming noticeably better. Once Mike plugs a couple holes and puts in the permanent screws I'll see if I can still jump a little.