Friday, January 22, 2016

Withdrawal symtoms

Way back on the 12th of January I finally got back to having a coached lesson with Coach A.  That was also the last time I was able to get on the ice.  The following weekend was the three day MLK weekend and I was out of town.  This week has been eaten up with snow storm preparations.  I was looking forward to a spot of practice during the Friday 3:30-5:30pm public when the city posted this:

CHANGE IN FACILITY STATUS: The Bowie Ice Arena will be closing at 2 pm today and will remain closed through the weekend.
For updates you can call 301-262-6200 or visit us online at

What a kick in the head! Yesterday they indicated that they'd trim off the last 30 minutes of that session and close at 5pm so that rink employees could safely get home.  Fair enough.  But that was then and this is now and the storm's predicted to arrive a tad earlier than previously thought.  Pesky storms!  The earliest possibility for me to stagger out onto the ice, assuming they re-open Monday, would be the 9:00am public, which is a lovely session but if the rink is open, so too will my lab.  Sigh.

The good news is that coach A. seemed pleased that I hadn't lost as much ground as I'd thought and so we worked on back edges (never one of my strong suits) and then ran through the three low end dances that I've been working on since, since, I don't know, probably since Moses was a mess cook.  Progress seems so glacial. Since we're talking ice maybe that's appropriate.  I'll think that over on my way to the liquor store.  It appears the only ice I'm destined to see this weekend is that in my glass and whatever plops on the ground outside my house. 

As we're now deep into competition season, coach's schedule is chock-a-block full and I'm living for the rare cancellation by one of her other students.  My next shot at a lesson isn't until the 16th of February.  This is what happens when you're clumsy and do a big face plant--you lose your slot in the coach's calendar.  Double Sigh.

So, that's all I have to report other than the ice halos which I ordered weeks ago for myself and diaristdaughter have finally cleared Canada Post and crossed the border and have been handed off to USPS, and may actually beat the impending snow storm and arrive today. If so, I'll wear mine while going up and down the stairs!  It's the best I can do under the circumstances.  Stay warm.


  1. That is just too bad. Hope you don't get snowed in, or if you do, that you have lots of popcorn and skating videos handy. Stay warm and safe.

  2. Yes Jo. Things are tres tragique around these here parts, what with rink closures and limited ice time. But at least the ice halos beat the storm and seem to fit. And if the electric stays on I'll be able to watch NBC's pitiful coverage of the Nats this afternoon--so that's something!