Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hey Nonny Nonny and a Hot Ch@-Ch@!

Coach A. introduced me to the Cha-Cha the other day.  I can't decide whether she's supremely confident in my ability to pass the WD and the RB or she's straight out of her mind with boredom having to plough the same furrow week after blessed week with a creaky old white haired man.  Either way we're entering Terra Incognito.
Image result for cha cha ice dance pattern
The Cha Cha.  What does "BK" (step 6) mean?

So, I'm at that phase of a new dance where just attempting to remember the steps and the pattern are trouble enough.  Some day I hope to get to the rarefied stage where I can look at a new dance pattern and think to myself "Ah yes, the so-and-so element which I diligently mastered in the previous dance has provided me with the firm foundation to tackle this new bit" rather than "Good God, I'm back at square one".  But enough of that.  Today diaristfamily decided to go to Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis for a "therapeutic walk" after a hectic work week.  The sun was shining, the temperature was in the upper 60s, and there was a pleasant breeze--just enough to offset the heat of the sun without making one chilly--perfect for walking and sunbathing.

We followed the trail through the woods down to the South River.
Looking across to the near shore.

I was standing next to this tree when I took the two previous photos.  Judging from the erosion under the tree's roots, perhaps not one of my smarter ideas!
I was surprised to see only a few boats out on what was a beautiful day.  Not many days like this are left in this sailing season.
Diaristwoman and diaristdaughter decided to grab a bench in the sun with a view.

It was deliciously lazy to sit in the sun, watching and listening to the water lapping against the bulkhead. 

We walked back to the main park building.  There was an outdoor art show with vendor tents.

Mostly hand made jewelry, watercolors and the like were on offer.

However, this is my main interest in Quiet Waters park.

The Zamboni entrance.  It's still a bit warm for ice dancing.  Give it another six weeks.  Diaristdaughter and I will return!


  1. Enjoyed the pictures of the beautiful day, George. There is life outside the rink! And I never really learned the Cha-Cha, but doesn't "BK" mean "Bend Knee?" That would be my guess!

  2. "BK", Bend Knees--of course--it's so obvious. Just think: with this dance I can be admonished by both my coach and the figure skating association that oversees the pattern!

    I'm actually a big weenie when it comes to outdoor skating. If it's not absolutely Goldilocks conditions I'm probably inside--unless there's the prospect of hot whiskies at the end.

  3. The slalom! As my old dance coach used to say "Faster, deeper, wigglier!"

  4. Yeah, I can slalom like nobody's business! Did your old coach have any words of wisdom for the end pattern? (Swing roll followed by a very spooky optional cross in front--for over-achievers, or the standard, only slightly less spooky, XB).

  5. Sometimes a outdoor travels can make your leisure more enjoyable and flourish. I really love to spend some of my times doing something new. I always love to ride my Sector 9 Bamboo Longboard

  6. Oh gosh the learning the new steps part of a dance always makes me feel sorry for my coach, it's not intuitive for me. Have you ever had someone teach you choreography for a group number adding a bit with each run-through? It's torture for me and I admire those who have the skill to pick it up seemingly without effort.

  7. Mary: It always takes me an eternity to memorize a dance pattern--and the low level dances I'm working on typically have only 12 to 14 steps! Being slightly dyslexic probably doesn't help!

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