Friday, April 21, 2017

A hot & steamy day at the rink

Today featured big T-storms, more so in the afternoon as the temps shot up to the 80s and made the air unstable.  But it was Friday and I decided to burn a couple hours of leave and go skate the late afternoon public.  The clock is ticking.  Our rink closes for two months at the end of April.  Gotta skate while there's ice...

When I walked into the lobby it seemed a little warmer than usual.  Then I looked out at the rink.

I could barely see the stick and puck guys through the condensation on the dasher board plexi and fog swirling around their legs.

57 degrees and 91 %.  Any higher humidity and I would've needed foul weather gear and an umbrella.

The rink manager said that the condenser was down and the system was so old that the company was having to have the required part made.  They should be able to supply it by Tuesday--ironically it will probably get installed just in time for the rink's annual shut down.  Over the weekend the outside temps are supposed to bounce back to those more normal for spring in this neck of the woods, so hopefully that will take some of the stress off the system.  She went on to say that they did have little stalagmites on the ice this morning from the drips coming down from the rafters and hockey banners.  Glad the Zamboni was able to shave those down.

I'd bought my ice pass so there was nothing to do but get on with it.  The ice was predictably slow--especially noticeable if you were doing spins, but very forgiving for jump landings--yes, yes, Madame skating director, no jumps above Free Style 3 during a public!

I caught a toe pick while practicing dance tuck behinds and landed flat on my butt.  Didn't hurt a bit.  This leads me to Adult skater observation Nr 1;  How to tell if you're old:

If you fall in front of a bunch of people and they laugh and make derisive comments, then you're still young.  If they get panicky looks on their faces and start rapidly skating towards you, then you're old.

Could've been worse.  At least I didn't flop down in a puddle.


  1. Glad you didn't really need all that attention after your fall! Darn tuck behinds! I've been on foggy rinks before--I really don't like that damp feeling that everything has. Ugh! Here's hoping things dry up for you soon!

  2. Well, that's two of us! I suspect things are better over at the rink today. Temps are in the 50s and will pretty much stay there over the weekend.

  3. "if they get panicky looks on their faces..." oh, the possibilities for pranks!

    Bittersweet end of winter --
    I so enjoy your skating adventures! Thanks!

  4. Never cry wolf--especially if you already have an extra hole in your head! Yep, the season is winding down. I'll soon be doing my annual "desperate Polar bear" thing--frantically looking for a new slab of ice thick enough for life support.

    Glad you find my ups and downs entertaining. Maybe you should hit the ice! Several rinks near you. Did you skate growing up?