Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Almost back up and running

The photos that follow show different stages of repainting the rink's hockey lines, face-off dots and circles before building the new sheet of ice.  This is where the rink staff were roughly a month ago, before the cooling tower failure.  Current thinking is that the rink might reopen by this coming weekend.  Fingers crossed!  Meanwhile, Coach A. and I have a lesson planned for tonight's Free Style session over at Piney Orchard.  I haven't had a lesson since the end of April.  We'll see if I remember anything.  Let's review some notes from the last lesson: "TGIF".  Humm what's all that then?  Oh yes--I remember: "Toes Go In First"!


  1. So close, and yet so far! Happy to hear that progress is being made, and I hope you'll report on the grand reopening. Enjoy the lesson!

  2. Thanks Jo! It turned out that I do remember a tad more than that toes should go into the boots first. It was a good lesson even if it wasn't on home ice.