Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Laszlo Gombos

Adult skater buddy, S. sent me the video link below.  I have a new hero: Laszlo Gombos,  a guy roughly my age who ice dances on hockey blades.  He lives in Hungary and started ice dancing 17 years ago to take his mind off of cancer treatments.  He learns a new dance each winter.  Maybe some day I'll be half as smooth as he is---rock on, Laszlo!  Maybe my renegade RFI Mohawk would be less wonky if I went over to the dark side and tried hockey blades.  Na, I think I'll try free style blades but ones with a 7 foot rocker rather than the 8 foot rocker blades on which I'm currently skating.

He has many more short videos on Face Book.

You can read more about Laszlo here:


  1. Hooray for Laszlo--man, he is smoooooth! You are brave to even think of switching to hockey blades; I would definitely be terrified! Thanks for sharing these inspiring videos, George.

    1. There's a coach at our rink who routinely switches back and forth between figure and hockey skates, depending on the requirements of her next student. Amazing. It's a major adjustment for me to go back to my old boots and blades (v. similar to my current boots/blades) for a spot of outdoor skating, let alone strapping on radically different equipment.