Friday, April 20, 2012

Reflections at week five.

No x-rays to share this week, just a few comments for others who may have broken an arm since I did and are reading these posts in an attempt to gauge the healing process.  Keep in mind that while my progress can probably be extrapolated to a general population, it is still somewhat unique to me.  To review my particulars: I'm male, Caucasian, 65 and am in relatively good health.  Your gender, age, genetic make up, plus the presence of diseases, such as type two diabetes for example, may influence your rate of repair.  As they say by way of disclaimer in automobile ads "your mileage may vary".

So, let's get to it: although my arm is still tender when I attempt certain tasks such as twisting jar lids, I've noticed that other things like tying my shoes are becoming much less painful.  Also, my elbow joint has returned to full range of motion without stiffness.  I no longer bother with an arm sling.  My shorty cast limits how much I can flex my fingers either up or down or side to side and that's probably a good thing since some of those motions are still stingy.

I find myself increasingly wondering if I can pull on and lace up my skates yet.  While I'm tempted to say no, I may have to test that little assumption this weekend.  Bowie Ice Arena melts the ice for annual maintenance at the end of this month.  The rink will be off line until July.  I next see my doctor on the morning of the 30th. The last public session is that afternoon.  Will I be out of the short cast and into a removable brace in time for one last skate before the compressors are switched off?  We shall see...


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    1. Thanks for reminding me about lace pullers. It's been a while since I've seen anyone use one. Yes, that and a pair of good wrist guards are on my shopping list.