Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ever have a sucky skate?

Yeah, felt just like this.  Image credit: north wapiti blog.

Yesterday I stunk out the house.  Probably the fact that I was nursing a late winter cold didn't help.  I burned a couple hours of use or lose leave in the hopes of getting a confidence boost before my next evaluation in two weeks.  Well, it was "nothing doing" in the confidence boost dept.  Elements such as my up 'til now reliable forward pivot were simply not reporting for duty.  I did manage to stagger through several Waltz jumps and hacked out a couple of miserable looking half flips but I probably should have gone home and had a beer.  Even my usually pathetic but at least semi-presentable two foot spin was missing in action.  I was left shaking my congested head and wondering WTF?  Where did all the progress that I experienced last Friday go?  Madam Skating Director skated by in between coaching private students and said "just remember a bad session on the ice still beats working--it happens, but if you have three bad sessions in a row then you need to figure out why".  Hopefully I'll get some of my Mo Jo back before Thursday's lesson and won't have to go soul searching.  Two lessons are left in this flight of group lessons.  After that I'll have four weeks to get over the top of FS-1 before they melt the ice for annual maintenance over May and June.  Will I put it off?  Stay tuned.


  1. Lol, yes, sometimes when I am competing too (bad timing right?) Chalk it up to the cold, better a bad skate happen now then on your test :)

    1. Thanks Lori. I've had a few "better" skates since this post. Things are improving at a glacial pace as I improve strength and flexibility.

  2. EVERY skater has bad sessions. I am no exception. I tell myself a bad session is better than no session.

  3. Thanks. Yes, I've had a few more myself since posting this! Progress is at a glacial pace but still perceivable.