Saturday, July 6, 2013

I'm Baaaack! I'm tanned! I'm rested! (Did you miss me?)

At the end of June Bowie finished the annual two month cycle of maintenance and painted the ice as shown here.
Like fresh powder snow to a skier, freshly done ice looks beautiful to the skater!
Our pro shop is under new ownership. The long time owner of "Blades of Bowie" sold out and "Pro Skate" is the new name for our rink's skate shop.  Rumor has it that one of the pair of new owners works for the Caps and the other works for the LA Kings.
This is this year's skate camp mascot.  He needs a name.
Today, the 6th of July, was the first day Bowie Ice Arena reopened for the new season.  Diaristdaughter and I were there for the first public session.  We hadn't been on skates since mid-May and so we were a little nervous about how much rust had formed on our respective muscle memories. As it turned out mercifully not too much but I'm glad we did get a chance to knock some of it off before lessons kick off this coming Tuesday evening.  I fell hard once at the very end of the session but no damage was done to either your diarist or the new ice surface!  Photo credit for this post: Bowie Ice Arena.


  1. Ha! Must be nice that they rebuild the ice every year (I know, they have to). For us if we're lucky it's every other year.

  2. Yes! Fresh ice is great. However the price we pay is two months of down time and treking to ever distant rinks in an attempt to keep our chops up until we get home ice back.