Thursday, March 27, 2014


V. and I have been skating together as a pair for a total of two times.  She's a quick study.  Makes me glad I had a five month head start or I'd be looking pretty stupid at this point.  Tonight after I finished my freestyle group lesson and took off my boots, I noticed a dab of white polish on the outside of my right boot as I was wiping down the blades.  Dang!  Two laps around the course doing the Dutch Waltz and we're already swappin' paint!  Hot Damn--this is better'n NASCAR!

I'd best be careful--our Canasta Tango might turn into a "Canasta Tangle".  Note the gouges in the leather in addition to the white stuff.  That woman means business.
The other thing I've learned is that coming into swing rolls with the mass of another skater gives things a whole different feel than when practicing alone.  The extra weight equals extra momentum which carries you deeper and faster into turns, progressives, etc. than when skating alone.  Kinda like hopping out of a sports car and into an 18-wheeler.  We had a few near misses with the skating public the other day but (so far) haven't taken anyone out.  It reminds me of what mother always said--"Yeah you damn kids, it's all fun and games 'til one of yers gets hurt."


  1. Safety is overrated.
    Chasing dreams is far more worthwhile!

  2. I've been told that you're really not an ice dancer until your partner trashes your skates, so I guess I'm on my way...

  3. Love it! I am lucky to be able to skate with George. He is a great partner! Looking forward to learning more. We make a GREAT team!

  4. lol George, apparently you are not an ice dance guy until you've got a few impressive scars on your shins.

    and Valerie: whatever happens, it's always the guy's fault!