Friday, May 2, 2014

Rhythm Blues

The RB is the third of the three so called "preliminary" pattern dances that most beginning ice dance students tackle.  Just in time for a certain person, K & O have posted a video demonstrating this dance.  I particularly like that they've used more pleasing music than what's typically on offer.  To be frank, most of the music used at this level recommends itself mainly because the beat contained within the respective tune is strongly emphasized and, in turn, the tempo has the correct number of beats per minute.  Both of these qualities are important during the learning of a dance, particularly in the case of neophytes like your diarist for whom "musicality" and "artistic interpretation" are characteristics just barely within detectable limits. 

Beyond that, most of the music inflicted upon students does little to popularize ice dancing.  It amazes me that kid-couples can get pass the ick factor contained in this genre and stick with ice dance.  Goes to show how dedicated they are!

Enough of that.  Enjoy the new video.  Thanks again to Kseniya and Oleg.


  1. This dance is evil. What I especially hate is the "alternate" step behind is the one I can do. The one you have to do two of is the one that I can't do well and has caused permanent hip injury (plus almost a year off ice) due to a fall from it :(

    This should really be in the second level. The cha-cha is so much easier than the RB.

  2. Yes, I agree that the step behinds are tricky. My coach has me practice those by holding the last step of the progressive which precedes them (left foot) and slide my right skate (carefully) down the back side of the left calf. I then must remember that each step behind needs to be held for two beats. I have not attempted this dance yet with my partner.