Saturday, March 14, 2015

Something new to think about.

Some readers will recall that I have mixed results when executing elements in the CCW direction.  Some days the magic works and other days it doesn't.  I have rationalized all that by way of being a repressed and confused leftie forced to live a right handed lifestyle.  However, it appears that I also have a slight curvature in the lumbar region of my spine which, upon reflection, probably plays a larger role.  This was revealed to me when I volunteered to be a test subject when the lab needed to recalibrate the Dexa Scanner used in some of our human nutrition studies which deal with the effects of diet on bone density.  Perhaps this is the actual root of my skating problems--aside from me being old, stiff and generally difficult. 

A Dexa (dual energy x-ray absorptiometry) Scan of my carcass.  Note the kink to the surgeon's left in the lumbar region of my spine.

I plan to see a chiropractor for advice on how to compensate for this little aberration in my bone structure.  At my age I doubt that the affected bones will move at all, but perhaps there are exercises which will help me strengthen the left side of my body.  Anyway, another interesting anomaly brought to light by figure skating!  With a little more appreciation of my personal chassis I may yet learn the joy of turning left without all those horrible scraping noises.


  1. Oooh, scoliosis.

    I have lordosis.

    Welcome to the -osis club!

    See if physical therapy can help. I've had some good experience with it.

    1. Well thank-you, I think! Mercifully, my alignment issue is mild enough that I was unaware of it until I saw the Dexa scan. At my age I'm pretty much stuck with it, but since my bones are no longer moving much perhaps PT and appropriate remedial exercise will prevent further curvature. I feel sort of like the bell tower in Pisa, but without the musical benefit of the bell. Of course now I have a genuine excuse for my terribly awkward CCW Mohawk!

  2. Way cool imagining of your slightly bent frame!

  3. That IS a really impressive image. I too had a scan that showed a less-than-straight spine; mine was brought on by a hip misalignment. I can sympathize with the left-side weakness AND with being a lefty in a right-handed world! I've been doing lots of core abdominal exercises and some exercises to strengthen my feet as well (won't necessarily straighten me out, but will help with the compensatory movement that comes with the territory). Hope things improve!

  4. Thanks Jo. I'm always optimistic about improvement! I've had a couple MRIs since this post and I'm still digesting the new info. Hasn't kept me off the ice.

  5. Wow! I have a similar curvature in the same spot! It's not enough for me to notice, but PTs and chiros have a field day working on me. It's just enough to cause one hip to be weaker, which of course results in chronic issues when you run too much...doing the boring home strengthening exercises is 100% helpful for me! Glad you are following up with other scans/chiro adjustments, I bet you will see significant improvement.