Saturday, January 2, 2016

For the overachievers in the audience

Santa didn't bring you the kitchen sink?  Don't despair.  Instead watch this video and be thankful:

 I keep waiting for the youthful demonstrator to launch herself through those big windows...

Want more?  Go to youtube (of course).


  1. OK, that was depressing!

    Hoping your recuperation is progressing well.

  2. I'll never in a million years obtain that kind of flexibility, with or with out torture gizmos. Thanks for asking about my recovery. It's going well and I'll about ready to reengage with my ice dance coach.

  3. And I thought I was doing so well to get my elbows to my straight-legged knees...Oh well, comparisons are odious. Look forward to your 2016 successes and stories!

  4. Thanks Amy. Keep in mind that all comparisons are relative. For example, when skating on a Public Session, random people come over to me and tell me I'm good. However I know all too well that when I'm on a free-style session any number of ten year old girls can and do skate circles around me!

    So, compared to the general public we're probably fairly flexible--especially once warmed up. Compared to a twenty something ballerina? Meh, not so much.

  5. Torture, torture! Arggghhh!

  6. Jo: I feel your pain! I doubt that I'll spend the 70 bucks for this gizmo (I have plenty of thera-bands) but I need to make myself work on flexibility this coming year. Strength and flexibility seem like mutually exclusive goals.