Thursday, January 25, 2018

The History of Figure Skating Dresses

A breezy look at figure skating fashion:  Hopefully the link will open properly.  Couldn't figure out how to post the actual video. 


  1. I really enjoyed this video--fun to see all the styles changing along with how glamorous skating has become! Got me thinking--and what will you be wearing to the rink today? That pair of black tights? Or that one? Thanks for posting!

  2. I'm happy to stick with basic black!

  3. I'm a male skater and this was an absolutely fascinating video! I was recently watching the 1990 documentary "Magic Memories on Ice" (you can find it on Youtube) and that had a similar fascinating glance at how competitive figure skating has changed in style somewhat over the years (and not just the clothing, although you can see that too!)

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the tip about Magic Memories on Ice. I'll look it up.