Monday, May 20, 2013

What color is your ice pass, and more observations about Wheaton Ice Arena

Around here ice passes come in two flavors:  your basic stick-on rectangle or a wrist band.  Bowie issues the different colored stick-on passes while Piney and Wheaton prefer the wrist band thingies.  I like the  stickers because I can't get the wrist band type around my wrist when I have my wrist guards on.  Otherwise the band is hidden and the ice monitor must either take my word for it that I've paid or I have to remove the wrist guard to show the pass.  Are there other types of ice passes?  What does your rink issue?
I skated at Wheaton again this past Saturday and made two interesting observations: 1. the ice monitor was on figure blades rather than the ubiquitous hockey blades and 2. when conditions permitted she wiled away the time practicing swing rolls and double 3s.  When was the last time you saw an ice monitor do either?!  Of course I should mention that Wheaton Ice Arena is one of three rinks which the Wheaton Ice Skating Academy uses for training.  The other two are Cabin John and Rockville.  More about WISA can be found here.


  1. At my rink, public skaters get wrist bands. If you are there more than twice a week, you're too good for a wrist band and they don't give you one.

    1. At Bowie the issuance of stickers during publics depends on the crowd density and the whim of whoever's at the front desk. Mid-day mid-week? No. Weekend? Always.

  2. My rink doesn't issue anything of the sort. But they know me by name. Ain't no way I'm getting on the ice without paying.

    I rarely skate publics, but I think there's only one entrance where you must pay before entering. And you can't leave and come back. But I think that's only reliable in the evening. The Sat afternoon publics are for LTS. If you're in LTS, the public session is free. Not sure how they can tell who's supposed to pay and who isn't. I don't think they're too worried.

  3. Interesting. I recently skated at the Flyers Skate Zone in Atlantic City, NJ. Their sticker was almost like a "bill of sale" including the date, the time of day the thing was printed by the printer, and the price paid. It seemed the only bits of data missing were my name and the name of the ice rink employee who dispensed it. It was huge and monotonously white with black printing!