Saturday, May 17, 2014

Whirling dervish

Whirling dervish?  Not me.  I'm still struggling with my forward single foot spin.  I have what is known on the skating forum as a "Sarah Palin spin" (on a clear day it travels all the way from here to Russia).  It's so bad that a junior competitive skater mistook it and congratulated me for having a great twizzle.

I was over a Piney Orchard, Thursday afternoon, and after another frustrating day of getting no better with the single foot spin, the tempting thought occurred that perhaps I should play to my strengths rather than my weaknesses.  Problem with that approach is that if I start experimenting with twizzles I'll probably (a). never center a spin properly for the rest of my life and (b). I may not learn enough to twizzle either.  But who am I to kick temptation in the mouth?  Sweet pipes, play on!


  1. Coincidentally I just discovered this couple's videos myself the other day. "Now these are just basic forward inside twizzles. We're going to make a video later on explaining more difficult twizzles." LOL. I'm still working on the 'basic' ones. I do love twizzles, though, they are a fun long-term project.

  2. Hi Mary: I too saw that comment! Basic indeed! I love how smooth they are. Something to emulate.

  3. Never say never George! Spins look easy but in reality they take a lot of strength to keep everything solid an centered. Keep practicing and building strength. I find 15 minutes of spin practice is way more tiring than an hour of jumps.