Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Tag Team Coaching

Coach A. and I have been chipping away at my wonky CC forward inside Mohawk.  It's improving but at a glacial pace.  Last night she had a little surprise waiting for me.  Her brother, Coach B. is also an ice dancer and after his final student for the evening had departed she had me attempt the turn while he watched.  He suggestion was that I wasn't pre-rotated enough to allow me to control the exit edge.  As a consequence I'm breaking at the waist and then collapsing to my right side as my weight falls into the circle.

Jo commented on my last post that she finds success with this particular turn by mindfully leading with her entry side hip which is another way of saying that I need to rotate more prior to establishing the entry edge for the turn.

I tried it several times under the combined glare of the brother-sister coaching pair and had limited but promising success.  I'll need to try this on my own when I get a chance to skate again later in the week.

Another benefit of having a second coach is that there was a second pair of eyes watching as Coach A. and I practiced chasses and back swing rolls.  Coach B. pointed out that I was wide stepping most of the time--something that his sister can't see while we're partnered.  So, lots to think about and tidy up.

After my lesson was over the brother-sister pair practiced several dances together during the remaining ice time.  A treat to watch! 


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, George! I was so honored to hear my name mentioned! And so alarmed that you actually tried my advice, brave soul! I think you and I ought to switch directions, since it's the clockwise inside mohawk that always scares me. Sounds like it was fun to have the duo-coaching--always good to have someone watching as well as skating.

  2. Hmm, I may have sent something incomplete... hopefully you can edit it to be just one coherent comment. I meant to say that a fresh pair of eyes is very helpful. And I had the same problem working with my dance coach, that we were usually dancing together without someone to see some of my bad habits, wide-stepping included. As far as the mohawk, I can sympathize. I've been working really hard on my FI double threes, and it's the forward inside edge that's the real problem. Seems so simple, to step onto a FI edge and rotate into a three turn, but it's not. I've been trying an exercise I came up with in isolation (at a standstill). I look along my circle with my head without twisting it inside the circle, while moving my torso and arms into the circle to create the twist for the turn. I try to really feel that twist, what Ty used to call "the pepper grinder."

    1. Hi Mary: No worries. Your comment arrived in one piece. The take home for me from all three sources (Coach B., Jo, and you) is that I need to "twist and shout"! So I'm working it out...! My CW FI3 as per me is worse than the CC one. Another bridge to cross if/when I get to it.

  3. I just got that backwards--it's my CCW FI3 that's wonky. Just like my CCW Mohawk! Not only am I weak in one direction but dyslexic as well...